Well, people, my first novel, GOLDEN STATE,
went “live” this week. The end to one long road,
and the beginning of a new one. I can no longer
make corrections, or second-guess myself…
well, okay, I guess I can still do THAT. But the
point is, I am now faced with the daunting task
of getting the book in people’s hands.
Fortunately, I have good friends who are
helping me with this, as well as a publicist who
really knows her stuff, and who for some reason
really seems to be making a herculean effort on
my behalf. I did my first press yesterday, with a
Q & A for Capitol Weekly, and an op-ed that
was submitted to Huffington Post. I leave for
London next week for a good friend’s wedding,
but I will hopefully pile in more such
tubthumpings before I depart. I will also try and
provide some colorful updates while there.
Then, it is back to Cali so that my kids don’t
miss Santa, before heading off yet again to
Sacramento for the Inaugural, my first official
book signing at Time Tested Books, the city’s
absolute best indie bookstore, and more press.
Can’t wait. Meantime, I hope you are all
enjoying the holiday season, whichever holidays
you choose to celebrate – and I look forward to
sharing more of my misadventures with you on
here soon!